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Antimicrobial Testing Specialists

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories is a contract microbiology lab founded by microbiologist Dr. Benjamin Tanner. The company's collective expertise is centered squarely on the science of antimicrobials. The lab stays current with regard to emerging disinfection trends and pathogens, such as the recent interest in CRE. Click here to see What's New at the Lab.

The lab's disinfectant, sanitizer, device, and surface testing capabilities are best-in-class. Every staff scientist is friendly and qualified, with plenty of microbiology experience and at least a Bachelor's degree in the biological sciences.

Setting up a study with Antimicrobial Test Labs is simple.

If you have questions about testing services, simply Contact the Lab. If you know the test method you need, get a Price Quote through our online system. We respond to each and every request the same business day (Central Standard Time).

GLP Disinfectant and Sanitizer Testing (EPA, FDA)

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories' quality management system is second to none. If your company plans to submit disinfectant efficacy data to USEPA, the science must be rock-solid and the reports crystal clear. Additionally, the study will be fully auditable by the Agency.

We work quickly and carefully through GLP disinfectant and sanitizer tests. Our staff keeps you up-to-date on study progress. When the study is done, we mail a clear and complete report.

Why Choose Antimicrobial Test Laboratories?

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Antimicrobial Test Laboratories couples fast-test turnaround with superior customer service. Clients know they can count on the lab for reproducible test results, study after study.

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories is preferred by many large, established companies in the disinfectant industry. These sophisticated organizations recognize the value of our R&D-based, customer-focused business model.


Antimicrobial Test Laboratories knows antimicrobial research and development:

Custom Microbiology Testing Services

Is your product unlike others on the market? Does it have special antimicrobial applications or capabilities? Are standard test methods inadequate to demonstrate its effect?

If so, a custom antimicrobial efficacy test or an R&D partnership may be appropriate.

We can help your company carry out the right test, from microbiology consulting to experimental design to interpretation and communication of results.