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Antimicrobial Test Laboratories is a contract microbiology laboratory founded in 2006. It offers a broad range of testing capabilities performed by a staff of specialized, experienced microbiologists. The laboratory conducts product efficacy tests to support companies that make antimicrobial products. The laboratory offers fantastic support to its clients, from designing proof-of-concept screening tests to conducting large-scale, complex GLP-compliant studies for EPA and FDA.

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories' Clients Enjoy:

If you are interested in learning more about the laboratory's services, call or use our contact form. If you already know the test you need, get a price quote through our online system. We respond to requests the same business day (Central Standard Time).

Offering a Broad Array of Testing Services

The laboratory offers a full lineup of AOAC, ASTM, EPA, and other test methods to support companies that make germicidal chemicals. The lab is EPA inspected and GLP compliant.
Antimicrobial Surfaces
The premier facility for antimicrobial surface and textile testing: Hundreds of AATCC, JIS, and ISO tests are conducted each year utilizing our diverse library of test microorganisms.
Medical Devices
Medical devices utilize incorporated antimicrobial agents to prevent infections. ATL performs GLP antimicrobial efficacy studies to support companies submitting FDA 510Ks.
Antimicrobial Devices
Antimicrobial Test Laboratories' dedicated facilities set it apart. It is the industry leader with regard to antimicrobial device testing, ranging from foggers to room UV disinfection devices.
People count on preservatives to ensure the microbiological stability of reagents, cosmetics, and cleaners. The lab offers many preservative test methods to its clients.
Virucidal Disinfectants
Only a handful of labs in the United States can test products against viruses. Antimicrobial Test Laboratories maintains a large collection of pathogenic viruses for efficacy testing.












The Antimicrobial Test Laboratories Way

Other microbiology labs offer antimicrobial testing services, but none deliver the degree of specialization, qualification, consistency, and responsiveness of Antimicrobial Test Laboratories.

We take a consultative approach and try to keep projects simple and streamlined whenever possible. Our clients call on us to help them understand pertinent regulations, learn about technical aspects of test methods, and put study results into context.

Our large, specialized and highly qualified staff embraces our company culture of scientific rigor, so our clients can count on the lab for reproducible test results, study after study.

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories keeps clients up-to-date with regard to industry trends, new science, and emerging pathogens such as CRE. Click here to see What's New at the Lab.

In Compliance with EPA and FDA GLP Regulations

If your company plans to submit disinfectant efficacy data to state or federal, or international regulatory agencies such as EPA, FDA, Health Canada, the testing must be robust and the reports crystal clear. Testing for regulatory submission is usually done in compliance with federal Good Laboratory Practice Standards (GLP).

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories is EPA-inspected with a quality management system built by microbiologists and refined by quality professionals to produce consistent, accurate, and auditable microbiology studies.

Companies are welcome to evaluate Antimicrobial Test Laboratories' GLP compliance systems and processes. If your company is interested in evaluating the lab, contact us and the quality assurance unit will schedule an audit.

Offering Testing Services for Companies of All Sizes

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories is a medium-sized laboratory that interfaces well with all companies in the antimicrobial industry, ranging from garage inventors to multi-national consumer products companies.

Small companies appreciate our consultative approach and desire to help navigate complex regultions covering antimicrobial products.

Large, sophisticated organizations recognize the value of our consistent, accurate results, large testing staff, and experience seeing large registrations through to completion.

Over the years, the laboratory has worked with hundreds of companies. To better understand the experience companies have with Antimicrobial Test Laboratories, take a look at some of our most recent success stories (menu on right-hand side of page).

Contact the Lab to Start Testing for Your Company

The staff of Antimicrobial Test Laboratories is available to discuss projects by phone, email or in person.

To speak with a microbiologist by phone, call (512) 310-8378.

To get in touch by email, fill out our contact the lab form. We really do respond inquiries the same day!

If you know the antimicrobial test needed for your project, the request a price quote form is a great way to get started. Like the contact form, we respond to inquiries the same day.

Clients in or passing through Austin, Texas are encouraged to call the lab to set up an appointment to speak about your project in person and take a tour of the laboratory.