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Preservative Efficacy Testing Services

Preservatives are antimicrobial agents, so testing preservative efficacy fits well with Antimicrobial Test Laboratories' strengths. We have carried out hundreds of preservative challenge tests, ranging from simple "screens" to complex, long-term product challenge studies.

In addition to microorganisms typically used in preservative testing, Antimicrobial Test Laboratories maintains a library of problematic microorganisms, including several strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Burkholderia cepacia that have been isolated from contaminated consumer products or manufacturing facilities.

If you are here to learn, be sure to read "Getting the most from preservative efficacy testing" and "Introduction to preservatives and preservative testing"

Preservative Challenge Studies for all Types of Consumer Products

Call Antimicrobial Test Laboratories today to discuss the "screen" we've developed for preservatives! It's faster and less expensive than USP 51, designed to give a reliable, conservative estimate of a product's resistance to microbial growth (non-food consumer products only, please).

If you know the test you want, we encourage you to get a same-day price quote using our online form.