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Testing disinfectants, antimicrobial devices, and antimicrobial surfaces during product development is a critical aspect of building a robust, efficacious product. Antimicrobial Test Laboratories understands that there are myriad embodiments of antimicrobial technologies, not all of which can be suitably tested by 'standard' methods.

We have years of experience carrying out custom antimicrobial product efficacy tests and disinfectant efficacy tests. We have expertise in everything from finding appropriate neutralization systems to microbial identification.

To ensure quality, each test at Antimicrobial Test Laboratories is designed or executed by an experienced microbiologist. In addition, the President and CEO of the company reviews each and every custom study before release of the study report.

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Why undertake a custom microbiological test?

Standard testing methods are designed for "standard" antimicrobial products.

EPA and FDA does not approve or review studies for many classes of antimicrobial consumer products, leaving product developers free to devise tests to evaluate antimicrobial products that are as realistic as possible.

Custom microbiological tests can make for GREAT marketing. Imagine how impressed prospective customers might be when you show them real laboratory data demonstrating that your antimicrobial technology differentiates and improves their product!

A word regarding custom microbiological studies:

"I take an active role in designing the custom studies we do at Antimicrobial Test Labs for one reason - I enjoy it! One of the reasons I founded the company was to spend more of my time in a 'hands-on' role designing, executing, and interpreting custom microbiological studies for innovative antimicrobial products. What's more, I try to make our customers feel like they're part of the study without being in the laboratory - I'm always eager to provide updates about new developments, share raw efficacy data, and discuss strengths and weaknesses of the tests we undertake."

-Benjamin Tanner, Ph.D., President and CEO

Some of the most common custom studies performed at Antimicrobial Test Laboratories are outlined below: