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Antimicrobial Device Testing Services

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories is the industry leader for antimicrobial device testing. Portable antimicrobial devices such as steam cleaners and ultraviolet wands are tested in the main laboratory. Whole room disinfection systems, such as hydrogen peroxide vapor and ultraviolet light devices are tested in our dedicated room. The dedicated device testing room is also used for mister and fogger testing.

We have conducted several whole-room device studies under GLP test conditions for submission to EPA with great success, enabling our clients to bring their antimicrobial devices rapidly to market.

Read about our testing services for UV room disinfection devices.

Our flexibility, commitment to cost-effectiveness make Antimicrobial Test Laboratories , and well-written study reports make us a superb partner for testing antimicrobial devices.

Most importantly, our facility is staffed by antimicrobial testing experts with a great deal of experience. Notably,the laboratory President and CEO, Dr. Tanner, has published several articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals covering testing done on antimicrobial devices.

The staff of antimicrobial test laboratories has tested all kinds of antimicrobial devices, ranging from cold plasma to ultraviolet light to quaternary ammonium foggers.



Antimicrobial devices have many traits that set them apart from ordinary disinfectants:

For the reasons outlined above, only special test facilities are well suited to determine the efficacy of antimicrobial devices. antimicrobial Test Laboratories is such a facility, with a history of successful, scientifically defensible studies and satisfied customers. We have a diverse collection of microorganisms ready and available for testing, and the experience necessary to design and carry out elegant, powerful studies.



If your firm is intersted in testing an antimicrobial device on the market for research and development purposes or claim substantiation purposes, simply call the lab, contact the laboratory using our web contact form, or request a price quote. We are well suited to help and would love to learn about your device.

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