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USP 51 Antimicrobial Effectiveness Test

USP <51> is used to test preservative effectiveness. The number "<51>" refers to General Chapter 51 of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) National Formulary. Chapter 51 describes in detail the USP method for preservative efficacy testing, sometimes called "preservative challenge testing."

If you would like to learn more about the USP <51> preservative challenge test, you are in the right place! Below, you will find a summary of the USP <51> method, along with some of its strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to also read the page called "Getting the Most from Preservative Efficacy Testing."

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Summary of the USP <51> Antimicrobial Effectiveness Test

Strengths of the USP <51>Antimicrobial Effectiveness Test

Weaknesses of the USP <51> Antimicrobial Effectiveness Test

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories has a great deal of expertise in preservative efficacy testing, and in particular the USP <51> challenge test. Preservative tests run by the lab's microbiologists are performed consistently to produce reliable results.

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