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JIS Z 2801 Test for Antimicrobial Activity of Plastics

Welcome to Antimicrobial Test Laboratories' JIS Z 2801 Test Method Resource Page.

Below, you will find a summary of the JIS Z 2801 method, along with some of its strengths and weaknesses. The JIS Z 2801 method is designed to quantitatively test the ability of plastics and other antimicrobial surfaces to inhibit the growth of microorganisms or kill them, over a 24 hour period of contact.

Note: The information below is presented for educational purposes only. The current, detailed JIS Z 2801 test method can be purchased at (

Summary of the JIS Z 2801 Test:

Strengths of the JIS Z 2801 Test:

Weaknesses of the JIS Z 2801 Test:

Though the JIS Z 2801 test is somewhat "best-case," it is an excellent way to quantify the antimicrobial activity level of an antimicrobial surface, especially one that is hydrophobic. Among the various tests for antimicrobial activity of surfaces, this has emerged as one of the industry standards. For more information about the JIS Z 2801 test for antimicrobial surfaces, Contact the Lab Today!