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ASTM G21 Fungal Defacement Test

The ASTM G 21 method, titled "Standard Practice for Determining Resistance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials to Fungi" is designed to test the resistance of synthetic polymeric materials (molded materials, surface treated articles or similar objects) to fungal attack.


It is a popular method, used by industry to evaluate the resistance of materials to fungal attack prior to releasing the materials for sale. it involves a divers array of fungi sprayed onto test and control surfaces in a standardized fashion. After inoculation, surfaces are incubated for 28 days and evaluated for fungal growth.

Summary of the ASTM G 21 Test

Strengths of ASTM G 21

Weaknesses of ASTM G 21

ASTM G 21 is an excellent choice for product developers interested in evaluating fungal resistance, and we take great care at Antimicrobial Test Laboratories to make sure that the testing is done well. For more information about ASTM G-21 Testing, Contact the Lab Today!